Our mission

To rank client's website at the top 3 of the page in Google search results consistently


  • Fee from RM2400/yr + one-off setup fee
  • Google & mobile-friendly 
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization friendly 
  • Lightning-fast loading speed 
  • 99.99% server uptime 
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • WhatsApp quick enquiry
  • Included web hosting & maintenance 
  • (SSL certificate) Included HTTPS



As a Google Certified Individual, we've deep expertise to get online customers to discover our client's website at first with Google Ads! Yes, Guaranteed rank at the TOP 3 of Google search results consistently! 


  • Targeting 1 ~ 10 keywords in Google Ads
  • RM500 is consultation & management fee. Ads cost is excluded.
  • Suggested ads budget RM20/day.
  • No hidden cost or setup fee.





  • Targeting 20 ~ 40 keywords in Google Ads
  • RM1000 is consultation & management fee. Ads cost is excluded.
  • Suggested ads budget RM50/day.
  • No hidden cost or setup fee.





  • Targeting 50+ keywords in Google Ads
  • RM1500 is consultation & management fee. Ads cost is excluded.
  • Suggested ads budget RM100/day.
  • No hidden cost or setup fee.





Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 50 reviews at


"Doubted for his credibility before attending and yet it turns out to be one of the best course ever attend. Great sharing with useful tips based on his profession and experience. Focus on real-life practical skills rather than theory. Interactive and provide personalized ideas based on different business need. Appreciate his prompt reply via WhatsApp or phone call even after the training. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to build own website but without any IT background. No scams No fraud. Try to believe"

"Joe, thank you for doing the best to construct my website. You're so professional that guide me to know deeply about internet marketing through your years of practical experience in this field. You never selfish to share all your experience with me and also to give me a lot of new ideas to improve my website.  Thank you for taking time to edit the video clip in my website. It’s so impressive!!!! I'm so happy to have such a professional consultant like you and would like to work together with you continuously. Bravo"

"Efficient and professional web consultant and designer! Seems to me that he is on call 24 hours, standby for any “emergency calls” and delivers the best for clients. He gives his best. That’s for sure! Thanks Joe!"


  • Fee from RM6000/yr + one-off setup fee
  • Based on Shopify platform
  • Google & mobile-friendly
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization friendly
  • 99.99% server uptime  
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • WhatsApp quick enquiry
  • Included web hosting & maintenance
  • (SSL certificate) Included HTTPS
  • Max. 5 currencies converter
  • Unlimited web pages & products display
  • Discount code 
  • Analytics report
  • Exportable customers CSV file
  • Selling on Facebook Fan Page & Messenger with PayPal checkout button
  • Affiliate Buy Button
  • Tax management
  • Updatable via smartphone App
  • Training will be provided



We'll actually bring you through a hands-on training, spontaneous interaction with practical information provided.


Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 50 reviews at


"Best workshop attended so far facilitated by Mr.Joe Ngai. Wish I knew him earlier and avoid many mistakes and monies. Mr.Joe definitely very hands on and explain how thing works and things to avoid. I am a trainer for more than 16 years and still found Mr.Joe workshop fascinating and learn very solid and practical skill from him. I will definitely use my new found knowledge for practical use. For those of you who already invest a lot in your web site but still not able to generate real traffic, please attend Mr.Joe workshop, you will not regret it. Many thanks to Mr.Joe for his excellent training."

"If you are thinking about starting a web page but don’t know how? Joe is definitely the right person to speak to. If you have been thinking of doing up and owning your own web page for months and have not started, Joe is definitely the right coach to start with right away. He brings you through a hassle-free learning experience, step-by-step guide making sure you get your web page up and running. His training is clear and precise. He helped me close all the unnecessary question marks in my head and guide me through setting up a practical web page that is user-friendly. Thumbs up to Joe."

"Such a fruitful training course held by Joe today. No unnecessary elaboration, straight to the point yet clear understanding. Anyone who has no IT background but wishes to start an online business can easily kick start with his training courses. Joe definitely deserves 5 stars rating! Thank you for your teaching once again Joe!"


  • 9-post package for 1 month
  • Photography and/or videography with light equipment 
  • Copywriting
  • 6-month or 12-month options available 
  • From RM1500



All accounts are privately managed by

Digital Marketing Coach | Google Ads Certified Individual | SEO Specialist | Founder of FREEASY® Bean Bag | Shopify Certified eCommerce Partner

"Started my business as a manufacturer in 2005, but transitioned into the world of online marketing since 2012. I saw so many businesses being outmaneuvered by their competition, only because they didn't understand the nuances and strategies of a successful online marketing campaign. I'm providing a variety of hands-on workshops included website development & internet marketing subjects to coach SMI/SME business owners to improve their online presence. Online marketing is complex, but with the right tools and guidance, if we practice hard, we can win every battle."

Malaysia Internet Marketing Coach

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